Bluehost Review 2019: Is Popular WordPress Is Good For You?

Every WordPress blog needs a better WordPress hosting service to run smoothly and give better user experience to visitors and no downtime. Welcome To my first Bluehost Review Post.

So in this my first Bluehost Review post, I am going to tell about Bluehost service, features, and other things that why you have to select Bluehost for your WordPress blog.

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Bluehost Is founded by Matt Heaton and owned by Endurance International Group .one of leading hosting company and also recommended by WordPress.

Bluehost is one of 20 largest hosting services in the world hosting 2 million domains with its sister companies, HostMonster, FastDomain, and iPage.

Bluehost services gained a lot of fame throughout the years. Even after its recent acquisition by EIG, the service is still being praised by Bluehost reviews all over the internet.


Well to be very honest Bluehost prices is not very costly. But little bit above from other hosting services. But who cares its good to pay because of it worth to pay.

Here is a table for you 🙂

Bluehost Offer five type of products.

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Cloud Sites

Well, I am here to tell you about WordPress hosting so here is your deals.

Shared Hosting Packages:

Bluehost Review 2019: Is Popular WordPress Is Good For You? 1
Bluehost Shared Hosting Packages:

Wp Optimized Hosting Packages:

Bluehost Review 2019: Is Popular WordPress Is Good For You? 2
Bluehost Wp Optimized Hosting Packages:

Dedicated Servers Packages:

Bluehost Review 2019: Is Popular WordPress Is Good For You? 3
Bluehost Dedicated Servers Packages:


I am on Bluehost for quite long time and never faced any down time.

Well, they ‘ll email you for downtime alert.when they are on maintenance or other work like they have to improve their security or need to fix something.

This Month States (July 2017):

Bluehost Review 2019: Is Popular WordPress Is Good For You? 4


Here is the list of Features you ‘ll get after sign-up. 

  1. Unlimited Storage.
  2. Unlimited Domains.
  3. Backup.
  4. Database Tools like Php My Admin.
  5. File Manager to manage your files.
  6. Email Manager.
  7. Cloudflare.
  8. And Many More

Customer Service:

Well, they are offering you 24/7 hours support by email or live chat. In a live chat, it takes around 30+ mins to connect with a support person. They need to improve this.

I only see this need to improve but if you know how to manage your hosting and other tools. So you don’t need the support of Bluehost.

Even I only contact them when some talk needs like backup another tool not working etc.  So they have to fix this thing to become more awesome hosting for bloggers.

You can’t ignore other products just for this little problem. I know facing some problems can change your mind but honestly, there are tons of articles available on the internet.

With the help of those articles, you can fix your issues.


All know that WordPress is an open source mean anyone can contribute. Wp is not secure like google but they are doing best to release updates which include best security things.

But one of the most important thing to search your WordPress blog is that you need a good hosting company and Bluehost know how to protect their users.

Little bit tweaks needed I recommend you read my WordPress Security Guide.

Final Words:

So I hope you like my first Bluehost review post and like to know that why Bluehost is best for you.Now it’s your turn to know that Bluehost is one of well trusted and amazing hosting for you. And Bluehost is always recommended by WordPress which ll make Bluehost more good and trusted.

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